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Beautifeye £150

Addresses dark circles, dehydration, fine lines and can treat tear troughs

Bio Nutri Glow facial treatment £175

Each woman has her own idea of beauty…but for most, ultimate beauty manifests itself when the body and soul are in harmony.  Perfect skin is above all healthy skin.  Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural accompaniment to the ageing process.  It is the quality of the skin that holds the secret to beautiful, radiant and healthy skin.

Our eyes reveal so much about our emotions and are often the first thing to show signs of ageing, stress and fatigue.

The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate and fragile making it a challenging area to treat. We blink up to 15,000 times per day, we smile, laugh, and squint in the sun, so fine lines can develop more quickly. Our eyes can be prone to puffiness and dark circles, due to our circulation in the eye area being a little slower.

Here at The HealthTree Clinic, we are proud to be using the globally renowned NCTF 135HA by FILLMED (link to a photo of vials)

Developed and loved by the French, who certainly seem to know how to grow old gracefully, over 40 years of research and development have gone into FILLMED’s celebrated NCTF (r symbol in a circle) (New Cellular Treatment Factor). Experts in anti-ageing they were also the first French laboratory to create a filler (Art Filler) with proven tissue induction.  Introduced in the UK by Rebecca Denham in 2016 originally known as Filorga Medical, FiLLMED has grown from strength to strength.

Made with hyaluronic acid and 59 other ingredients, including amino acids, vitamins and minerals, NCTF stimulates the skin without changing the facial features or expressions.

Containing free HA, NCTF smoothes out fine line, deeply nourishes and increase the health and quality of the skin by boosting fibroblast activity to form new collagen, elastin and our own Hyaluronic Acid, resulting in naturally enhanced, hydrated smooth and radiant skin.

This is a great alternative and safe treatment to dermal filler.

What conditions/ concerns does NCTF 135HA treat?

This treatment is ideal for all ages, it is natural, yet effective, NCTF is used for the prevention and correction of enlarged pores, skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and pigmentation. NCTF treatments help the skin to retain essential moisture and leave the skin looking more radiant and youthful.

NCTF is used in a range of treatments to address skin concerns on the face, neck hands and decollete.

How is NCTF 135HA used?

The NCTF 135HA Beautifeye protocol specifically targets the difficult-to-treat eye area. Focusing on maximising hydration and improving overall skin quality, we can help reveal and restore your eye contour’s natural radiance.

How is NCTF 135HA used?

The NCTF 135HA Beautifeye protocol specifically targets the difficult to treat eye area. Focusing on maximising hydration and improving overall skin quality, we can help reveal and restore your eye contour’s natural radiance.

In clinic, we use the
3-step protocol

Step 1

We start by applying the BRIGHT PEEL by Laboratoires FILLMED that will target uneven skin and pigmentation disorders around the eye. It is adapted to sensitive skin.

Step 2

We will inject into the upper dermis the revitalising solution of NCTF comprising of hyaluronic acid and 59 active ingredients- vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants  to name a few…with the very precise and safe NANOSOFT (™) needle that will reduce the risk of bruising and pain during the injection. 

Combining NCTF ®  and NANOSOFT (™) will not only target the sensitive area of your face with delicacy, but also provide optimal results in less time.

Step 3

The soothing B3- RECOVERY CREAM and EYE RECOVER MASK will smoothly complete this protocol.

For best results a course of 3 treatments is advised every two weeks with maintenance treatments which can vary depending on individual requirements.

How long does the treatment last?

A course of 3 treatments will usually last about 3-6 months, depending on lifestyle factors.  We recommend a course of 3 treatments twice or three times a year for enduring results.  However if you have a special event and would like a top up treatment, this can  be accommodated.

Are the results instant?

An improved appearance can be noted straight after your first treatment, it is important to remember everyone is different and therefore results can vary accordingly.

How long is the downtime?

There maybe some redness, small papules (bumps) following the treatment which can last up to 24-48 hours.

What is the aftercare?

We advise not to rub or touch the area for 6 hours following this treatment and no application of any make-up or applying any additional products for 12 hours.  Avoid exercise and extreme temperatures for 24 hours.  Drink plenty of water to maintain hydration.  Avoid abrasive skin care treatments for 5 days following treatment.

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