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From Eyes £95, Face £175 (3 treatments 2 weeks apart as a package £495), Neck £185, Hands £150, Chest £185

Neofound is the next generation of Bio Remodelling, it is a powerful and innovative skin booster containing mixed molecular weight Hyaluronic acid designed to brighten and tighten the skin by targeting and nourishing the skin at a cellular level for all ages and skin types.

It is the currently the top of the market and there is no substitute that promises the same results. It has incredible effects on collagen stimulation, pigmentation, scarring, overall hydration, treatment of acne, reduces rosacea, and smoothes out those fine lines and wrinkles.

Targeting the epidermis and subcutaneous soft tissue, Neofound bio remodelling has been specifically formulated for bio-revitalisation and delivers noticeable skin reconditioning on:

It is suitable for ages ranging from 20 to 60+ and skin conditions ranging from light, Type 1, early skin damage to Type 4 severe. Can be used on the face, Eye areas, Lips, neck, Chest and Hands. Neofound produces dramatic results in a single treatment. For optimum results, 2-3 sessions are recommended.

Neofound Aesthetics Treatments

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